The True Measure of Freedom


While recently re-reading Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative, I came across a nugget of his Conservative philosophy upon which I would like to expand.
The nugget was that the more we give the government by way of money, power, ability to regulate and legislate, the less freedom we have. So it then becomes a metric of the degree of freedom we retain. It is an inverse proportion to the money we allow them to take in taxes, all forms, be it income taxes, estate taxes, sales taxes, excise tax, real estate taxes, corporate taxes, taxes on capital gains & dividends. Then add the cost that gets added to products because of taxes and regulations levied on the corporations and merchants whose products we buy. Then add also the cost of interest on the ever increasing debt that our government piles on each day, add also the ever weakening value of the dollar, inflation, the most insidious and regressive tax of them all! And I could go on and on regarding the money taken from us in one way or another every moment of our existence and in the case of estate taxes even when we cease to exist!
But it does not end there, the next measure which should be worked into the “freedom lost” index is our ever increasing reliance on the government for such items as food, food stamps, housing assistance, public housing, schooling, welfare payments, prescription drugs, pensions, and now health care. Worst of all, we permit them to take away from the productive members of society whatever proportion of their wealth bureaucrats deem necessary to keep the entitlement class voting to keep them in office.
When seen in this context it is now possible to see clearly how far away from our Founder’s concept we have strayed. A great proportion of US citizens are now totally reliant on the government for their subsistence! And that class can only be defined  as subsistent, just enough to get along, just enough to keep from rioting in the streets to get what they perceive to be their “entitlement”.
This inept, unprepared, incompetetent “Rabble Rouser in Chief” is constantly running for office by fomenting class warfare. It’s the only thing he knows how to do well. Anyone who knows what the job description of a “community organizer” is would have known it is to turn one class against another. If anyone had examined the story of his life, they’d have seen a boy and man surrounded by radicals. His parents, grand-parents, mentors, professors, and his friends, former radical leaders of the infamous radical Weathermen. With that much exposure it has by now worked its way into his DNA. It is his life’s work to re-organize America into his Socialist view of America. If it means destroying America to rebuild it in his leftist ideal then it is alright to do whatever is necessary to accomplish that end. In the Alinsky playbook, Rules for Radicals, the ends, no matter how crooked and deceitful, are justified.
Unless we reverse course and take the hard decisions that we’ve put off for so long, unless we simultaneously throw out all of the tax and spend politicians and replace them with citizen politicians, it will be a fast decline into third world status. That beacon of light, individual freedom, bequeathed to us by the founders will have been extinguished forever.


B. L. S. or just plain old B. S.?


It must be that someone at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is being paid off to brazenly cook the books, that’s the only explanation.
Obama gets his re-election wish. The unemployment rate was lowered from 9% to 8.6% as announced today by BLS. That .4% marginal difference is attributed to 120,000 people being newly employed. So let’s do the math. If you divide 9 by .4, you get 22.5. That signifies that there was a change of 1/22.5. So that if you take 22.5 and multiply it by 120,000 that will give you a universe of 2,700,000 unemployed. Conversely, if there are 2,700,000 unemployed (9%) and that number is reduced by .4%, then the remaining unemployed represent 8.6% of the total unemployed. There are 2,700,000 unemployed in New York State, for God’s sake! Do they really think we believe that number? There’s an old expression, “There are liars, there are damn liars and then there are statistics”.
When you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics you will see that these numbers are mumbo-jumbo-voodoo economics except for this startling excerpt: “In November, the unemployment rate declined by 0.4 percentage point to 8.6 percent. From April through October, the rate held in a narrow range from 9.0 to 9.2 percent. The number of unemployed persons, at 13.3 million…” Now that 13.3 million number is much higher than the previously calculated number of 2.7 million by a factor of 5 (OK, it’s really 4.9).

If 13.3 million is the REAL number, then you can see how 120,000 newly employed persons would hardly affect the unemployment rate since that percentage relationship would translate into a lowering from 9.0% to 8.99774436%. Not exactly enough to change anybody’s mind about the nexus of Obama and their being out of work.
Just watch how the media swallows this lie whole and gets on the air banging the drum for their candidate



You did not need to have a crystal ball to know that the Super-Duper Debt Commission was doomed to failure from the start. The 12 super-selected senators and representatives were each chosen by the leadership of their side of the aisle to be a microcosm of the macrocosm that is the Congress.
So while we waited, they either dithered, or each made their set speeches to the other side of the table that were no doubt so sure of their own ideological positions that they did not even bother to hear or be open to the other’s arguments.
Yesterday Hensarling and Becerra were being interviewed separately. Hensarling (R) stated that the democrats put nothing on the table having to do with the entitlements such as, Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, these being three legs of the many legged stool that is our overwhelming and unsustainable debt load. The R’s were open to discuss ‘closing loopholes’ (tax increases) if the D’s would only be open to cutting billions, if not trillions of spending ten years into the future.
Becerra (D) came on minutes later and explained that yes, all of the above were in fact ‘on the table’ but only open for discussion after the R’s agreed to raise taxes on the wealthy., not closing loopholes but substantive increases in tax rates on the wealthy
This was the same impasse during the last debt crises. So what did Congress expect would be different now? What leeway did either side have? None as I see it. The democrats are looking for an issue to distract voters’ attention away from Obama’s incompetent handling of the economy and continuing lack of job creation. The R’s are standing by the principle that Keynesian spending doesn’t work and that even Keynes admitted that raising taxes during a recession is bad policy.
As of this writing the Dow is down 300 points and falling. Is another downgrade in this country’s future? If so, we earned it. We’re are slowly but surely becoming just like Europe, a nation of entitlement junkies.


Mr. President, let the jobs begin!


Dear Mr. President,

I am very dismayed that the State Department has put up additional barriers to the Canadian Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Very recently all systems were ready to go. Environmental concerns were dealt with, the route was discussed and settled upon, years and many millions have been spent on this project, and now, when everything is ready to go, you have put a hold on this project.

This pipeline will immediately add 20,000 American jobs, it will increase our supply of energy, and it will be supplied by a country which has been a long time friend of the U.S.

By your action, you have forced the Canadians to seek to sell their energy to an Asian market so that this project can move forward. A deal is now being discussed with China’s president Hu Jintao to redirect the pipleline and the oil to China

Mr. President, this project needs no further action by congress to get started. All that is required is that you remove your newly found objections so that it can move forward and provide the jobs and the energy which America so badly needs.

Please, Mr. President, remove your objections and let this project continue as planned.


Occupy Wall Street Still in the News


Occupy Wall Street is still in the news, and still has support in the mainstream media. I like to listen to MSNBC or CNBC to hear how the “other side” views things. Almost always, I come away confounded. How can intelligent people, they cannot all be morons, come to the conclusions that they have arrived at, having observed the same information I have? I have tried to come up with an answer, and, I think I have found it.
The left, the progressives, the America haters, the liberals, the socialists, the communists, the 99%’ers, the democrats, the politically correct crowd, all those groups that seem not to get it, don’t get it. There is a reason why they don’t get it. They don’t get it because they are memebers of a group that I will call ONE STEP THINKERS.

Thomas Edison once said “Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.”

If you accept this statement as probably correct or nearly correct, which I do, then what is happening in our world starts to make sense.

One Step Thinkers don’t have to get headaches thinking. One step thinkers reach their conclusions, positions and opinions very easily. They state the condition they would like the world to be in, and that’s that. No further thought is required.

For example, Every American deserves a nice home. Corporations are corrupt. We should not be using Nuclear Energy. Taxes are unfair. Everyone should have free Health Care. Tear down Wall Street. The government will take care of everyone’s needs. Profiling is wrong.

These may all sound very nice, and, people can feel pretty good about themselves for holding these opinions. The left certainly does. That is why they believe they are morally superior. That’s what allows them to believe the ends justify the means. So, any lies, misinformation, cunning, spins, etc. are justified. Their positions are morally supperior so they can get to their goals using any means necessary. They love people. All they want is a better life for everyone. What is wrong with that? Nothing is wrong with that. If you are a one step thinker, your philosophy is complete. No need to think any further.

I hope I have partially explained why things are the way they are. Why things seem just the opposite of what they should be. But, here is what I am concerned about. One step thinkers are one step away from being a mob.

Ann Coulter’s recent best seller “Demonic” describes the workings and logic of the mob and tells what happened during the French Revolution. She describes how, long after the Royals conceded in every way, there was such a bloodbath. Once the mob mentality takes over, there is no logic, no mercy only unspecified anger and rioting and destruction.

So, the Occupy Wall Street movement may seem like an interesting news item. But, watch carefully, we have here the makings of a MOB.

Paterno’s Disgrace


If you read the current 28 page indictment you will discover that the person who witnessed Sandusky performing anal intercourse in the shower with the 10 year old boy and that THAT is what he reported to Paterno, then, Paterno simply going to his immediate superior and reporting the incident is glaringly insufficient and morally reprehensible. One must ask, if that was Paterno’s ten year old son being pressed against the shower wall being buggered by an adult colleague, is reporting the ‘incident’ to his superior where he would have stopped? For Paterno to continue his relationship with Sandusky, knowing what he knew about Sandusky’s Second Mile Foundation for mentoring troubled boys, and taking NO FURTHER ACTION once he was aware that Sandusky escaped that incident scot-free makes him as responsible for every subsequent rape that Sandusky performed for years afterward as much if not more than Sandusky himself ! After all in today’s climate where no one is responsible for his actions because of a bad baloney sandwich they ate when they were 8 years old, Sandusky was just doing what pedophiles do, bugger children. But Paterno, a boy from Brooklyn knew better what to do short of beating Sandusky with his own fists, but he chose instead to kick the can up one notch and then walk away from the problem morally satisfied, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Had he taken proper legal action he could have singlehandedly ended Sandusky’s pedophilic activity immediately and come away a hero. I hope the injured parties (probably hundreds of boys) take him for every penny he’s worth for his lack of courage and what must have been a desire not to ruin a friend’s career. Even though monetary compensation can never erase those horrible memories nor make their lives right again, it will send a powerful message to the next person in Paterno’s in loco parentis position of responsibility to immediately report such a heinous crime to the police himself. And being who he was, a man of influence and notoriety he had the responsibility not only to report it but to use his fame to make sure it was prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



If you watch the videos that cover the Gaddhaffi capture and his brutal summary execution, you will hear in the background some Islamicists fanatic repeatedly yelling “ALLAHU AHKBAR” “ALLAHU AHKBAR” “ALLAHU AHKBAR”(Allah is Great). Isn’t it ironic that those were the last words Gaddhaffi heard, since they are no doubt the words he said when he was told that his plan to bring down the Lockerbie plane was successful. What goes around, comes around.

Are There Parallels between the Tea Party and The Occupy Wall Street Mob?


No Matter How Much They destroy - They Cannot Create Prosperity

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is not what it seems or what the media has tried to cast it as. The attempt to create a parallel between this motley crew and the Tea Party is absurd. The Tea Party is truly a grass roots movement and its members have been incited by love of country and our way of life. They view the course the country is on as a dangerous one and a threat to the future of their children and the hope that America offers to the world. It’s members consist of people who have jobs, values and a stake in America. They have a basic understanding of economics and reality. They know money has to come from somewhere. And, that somewhere is not the government. They know no organization can live beyond its means over the long run. It consists of people who have something to lose, who have followed the rules, worked hard, saved and invested in themselves and the American way of life. They are people who believe in freedom, limited government and personal responsibility. I think they represent the best of American values and have been mobilized because of the grave threat that the course that Washington is on is to our way of life. They did not think that America needed to head on a course of Hope and Change. America, to them, represented a place of Hope and the opportunity to Change the course of one’s life through one’s own effort.
Let’s compare this to the Occupy wall street crowd.
Do they have jobs? No. Do they love America? No. To them America and the Taliban are moral equivalents. Do they have a stake in America? No. So far they have been consumers of wealth and not creators of wealth or anything of value. Do they understand economics? No. If they did they would know where their i-pods and i-pads and i-phones come from. And, how they came to exist. Do they have a grasp on reality? No. If they did they would not be chanting “What do we want? Revolution! When do we want it? We want it NOW!.” Revolutions are chaotic and bloody. And what are the results? These days? If the people are lucky, the result is Cuba. The workers’ paradise. If the people are not so lucky,it is The Congo, Sudan or Zimbabwe genocide and starvation. Do they know where money comes from? No. If they did, they would know that the rich already pay more than their fair share. The top 5 percent of earners pay 45% of the taxes. Do they follow the rules? What rules? Do they work hard? What work? They have the time to demonstrate day and night. Have they saved? No. The rich guys on Wall Street should save them! Have they invested in improving themselves? Yes! They have taken many courses in Womens’ Studies, Black Studies, Basket Weaving Studies, Environmental Studies, The Positive Effects of Pornography on American Life Studies. These are the people who will bring America to new heights in the coming century? And, what do they get in return for all their hard work? Nothing. They can’t even find a job where they would have the opportunity to utilize all that they have learned. Instead, they are faced with a huge student loan. Loans which they think the Tea Party members should pay for.
Do they believe in Freedom, Limited Government and Personal Responsibility? Yes, no and no.
Freedom to defecate and urinate and have sex in public. Yes! Limited Government? No. Government is not the problem, government is the solution. Personal responsibility? No. It is someone else’s fault that they are in whatever condition they are in. And someone else has to straighten things out.
Finally, let’s look at the motivations of each group. The Tea Party wants to restore America to its place in the world where it once was, a beacon of hope and opportunity. This is based on love of country and humanity. The Occupy Wall Street gang’s motivation is envy. Others have more than they do
and they want it. Envy, I would like to remind you, is a Cardinal sin. If sin is even in their vocabulary.
The Wall Street gang and the Tea Party Parallel? Don’t Even.

DA’ MOBcracy: da’mob’cra’cy/ da’mob’kra see/




da’mob’kra see/

Noun:  A system of government of the minority, all
decisions are made by the mob.

Da Mob: Ebonics for ‘the mob”, cracy: Greek origin: kratos “rule, strength” (see -cracy).

For years I’ve corrected people who identified America as being a democracy by telling them America was more correctly described as being a democratic republic. I would then watch their eyes glaze over as the look of who is this ‘smarty pants’ to correct me. I don’t think that any one person ever asked me to explain the difference.
Well that’s now gone by the wayside. We are no longer a ‘democracy’, nor are we a ‘democratic republic’. Judging from the dregs of humanity in Wall Street, America is slowly but most assuredly sliding towards being a ‘damobcracy’. The mob now in New York along with their union allies have taken their lesson not from the “Arab Spring” as they would like to have you believe but rather are mimicking the mob that descended on the legislature in Wisconsin, drawing its lineage directly from the mob that stormed the Bastille. It is beyond their intelligence or inquiring minds that the Arab Spring in the Middle East was most likely begun by groups in the Middle East that want their country to be MORE LIKE the United States! Meanwhile the rabble and great unwashed in Wall Street are being ginned up by the remnants of the 60’s and 70’s left wing radicals that could not find a way to land a job in Obama’s administration. They use Saul Alinsky tactics to attract the young who have not had time nor the curiosity to develop a political philosophy because it is so much easier to memorize 6 or 7 bumper stickers they’ve read on old Volvo’s and VW busses and repeat alto voce over and over again always synching to the rhythm of some old leftist rhyme line like “Ho Ho Ha Ha, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?”
Ann Coulter’s book correctly describes the characteristics of the mob as enumerated by Gustave Lebon in his book The Crowd. Le Bon correctly listed all of the characteristics of a mob and in general their willingness to sublimate their individuality to the amorphous target of the moment that the mob is attacking.
From Wikipedia:
“Le Bon was one of the great popularizers of theories of the unconscious at a critical time during the formation of new theories of social action.We see, then, that the disappearance of the conscious personality, the predominance of the unconscious personality, the turning by means of suggestion and contagion of feelings and ideas in an identical direction, the tendency to immediately transform the suggested ideas into acts; these, we see, are the principal characteristics of the individual forming part of a crowd. He is no longer himself has become an automaton who has ceased to be guided by his will.”
This is why we see so many young people in Wall Street. They are for the most part losers. Were they not, they’d be gainfully employed paying taxes to support the deserving element in the United States that truly by circumstance or accident cannot support themselves. Instead these rabble-rousers come out of their parent’s basements sporting a pubic like wispy haired beard, (and that’s not only the men,) sporting 60’s long hair, dirty clothes, tattoos, nose, nipple and eyebrow ring piercings. They dress up and use makeup to re-enact past Halloweens in their sheltered lives when their parents would take them door to door to beg for candy. Hmmm, sounds like Halloween is a liberal’s training ground for relying on the givers to support the takers.

Every interview I’ve seen or heard in the last 18 days with random mob-sters has shown that logical thought, cohesive and intelligent expression is foreign to them. If asked to describe why they are there and what their goals are, they sputter forth some bumper sticker four word phrase, predominantly including the word “greedy” this or that. If followed up by a second question to elaborate further, they inevitably are incapable of expressing anything more than a simple re-arrangement of the words in their first answer. I have not heard any two people give the same answer. Eight hundred mob-sters, eight hundred different beefs. What a sorry lot! Apparently every person there is there for their own reason.

Instead of Wall Street, they should be protesting in front of Congress which passed the Community Reinvestment Act forcing, yes, forcing banks to give no income verification mortgages at the peril of losing their bank charters or not being allowed to expand by opening new branches. How about protesting in front of Congressman Barney Frank and Chris Dodd’s house who both championed this bill up to the point that the bill single handely almost took down the entire U. S. financial system? Why are they not protesting in front of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the GSE’s that guaranteed the mortgages that anyone with a brain knew were all prospective candidates for default? Do you think any one of the geniuses out there protesting know one jot about how this financial balloon was born? Why has not one banker gone to jail? Because they not only followed the law, they were in fact forced to follow the law that created the disaster. Although the media was waiting for a Tea Party mob to act out of the bounds of decency, it never once happened! Meanwhile when the Wall Street mob leaves the pedestrian walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge to block car traffic, the media interviewers report that the mob was ‘tricked’ into leaving the walkway by the NYPD so that they’d have a reason to arrest them. The stupid reporting on the ignorant.
America is in great peril. What you see in Wall Street is our future unless the mob is put down, forcibly as a last resort if needed once their actions cross the line into illegality. Unlike most other countries, we are still a country of laws. This is no time for political correctness.


The good ole days, sigh…


Ah, the good ole days! Like when something that was supposed to revolutionize the way we live, failed catastrophically. In the good ole days, that pretty much meant the end of that proposed solution IMMEDIATELY. Take for example the disastrous explosion of the Hindenburg that shocked the world and IMMEDIATELY ended the ‘revolution’ of flight by lighter than air transport.
Read this excerpt from Wikipedia and pay special attention to the last sentence…
“The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday, May 6, 1937, as the German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock. with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, which is located adjacent to the borough of Lakehurst, New Jersey. Of the 97 people on board[N 1] (36 passengers, 61 crew), there were 35 fatalities as well as one death among the ground crew.
The disaster was the subject of spectacular newsreel coverage, photographs, and Herbert Morrison’s recorded radio eyewitness report from the landing field, which was broadcast the next day. The actual cause of the fire remains unknown, although a variety of hypotheses have been put forward for both the cause of ignition and the initial fuel for the ensuing fire. The incident shattered public confidence in the giant, passenger-carrying rigid airship and marked the end of the airship era.[1]”.
No such rational reaction can happen in this day and age. Take for example the abysmal failure of Solyndra. Here we had a company that was making solar panels which cost $6 to make and which were being sold for $3 a panel.
Guess what? They go bankrupt after burning through $535,000,000.00, one half billion dollars, of tax payer guaranteed loans. Do ‘ya think someone in this green revolution that is saving mankind might think twice about the economic viability of solar panels generating electricity competitively to that which is generated by coal, natural gas, hydropower or maybe even zero emission nuclear power? Nah! The time is now! If not now, when?
I’m taking a wild guess that the venture capitalists, among which the most prominent was a big Obama contributor, who originally bankrolled the company with $500,000,000.00 of their own money got all of their money out before the ‘sudden failure and collapse’. The bankruptcy was predicted by White House officials in January 2011 warning the President that Solyndra would be bankrupt in September 2011. By the way, they filed for bankruptcy on September 6, 2011. Funny how 2+2 always equals 4 or in this case making something for $6 and selling it for $3 equals bankruptcy. But fear not, our fearless clean energy messiah leading the watermelon revolution (green on the outside, red on the inside) will not relent. This failure as all the others he’s orchestrated will be excused away by arguing that the loan just wasn’t big enough. If only they had made the loan to Solyndra for a nice round BILLION dollars everything would have been okeydokey.

Sigh. How I miss the old days.

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