The good ole days, sigh…


Ah, the good ole days! Like when something that was supposed to revolutionize the way we live, failed catastrophically. In the good ole days, that pretty much meant the end of that proposed solution IMMEDIATELY. Take for example the disastrous explosion of the Hindenburg that shocked the world and IMMEDIATELY ended the ‘revolution’ of flight by lighter than air transport.
Read this excerpt from Wikipedia and pay special attention to the last sentence…
“The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday, May 6, 1937, as the German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock. with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, which is located adjacent to the borough of Lakehurst, New Jersey. Of the 97 people on board[N 1] (36 passengers, 61 crew), there were 35 fatalities as well as one death among the ground crew.
The disaster was the subject of spectacular newsreel coverage, photographs, and Herbert Morrison’s recorded radio eyewitness report from the landing field, which was broadcast the next day. The actual cause of the fire remains unknown, although a variety of hypotheses have been put forward for both the cause of ignition and the initial fuel for the ensuing fire. The incident shattered public confidence in the giant, passenger-carrying rigid airship and marked the end of the airship era.[1]”.
No such rational reaction can happen in this day and age. Take for example the abysmal failure of Solyndra. Here we had a company that was making solar panels which cost $6 to make and which were being sold for $3 a panel.
Guess what? They go bankrupt after burning through $535,000,000.00, one half billion dollars, of tax payer guaranteed loans. Do ‘ya think someone in this green revolution that is saving mankind might think twice about the economic viability of solar panels generating electricity competitively to that which is generated by coal, natural gas, hydropower or maybe even zero emission nuclear power? Nah! The time is now! If not now, when?
I’m taking a wild guess that the venture capitalists, among which the most prominent was a big Obama contributor, who originally bankrolled the company with $500,000,000.00 of their own money got all of their money out before the ‘sudden failure and collapse’. The bankruptcy was predicted by White House officials in January 2011 warning the President that Solyndra would be bankrupt in September 2011. By the way, they filed for bankruptcy on September 6, 2011. Funny how 2+2 always equals 4 or in this case making something for $6 and selling it for $3 equals bankruptcy. But fear not, our fearless clean energy messiah leading the watermelon revolution (green on the outside, red on the inside) will not relent. This failure as all the others he’s orchestrated will be excused away by arguing that the loan just wasn’t big enough. If only they had made the loan to Solyndra for a nice round BILLION dollars everything would have been okeydokey.

Sigh. How I miss the old days.

Shut Up Already!


Obama is on another grand tour to sell his new HALF A TRILLION dollar “jobs” act. By the way, since we’ve become desensatized to the “T” word, that’s 500 BILLION dollars, which is another way of saying 5000 MILLION dollars. The liberal excuse for the complete failure of the last 787 BILLION dollar stimulus package, which was to have created millions of ‘shovel ready’ jobs, as usual, was, “it just wasn’t enough”. If only they had thrown more billions down that black hole dug with the shovels we paid for, it would have been a success! Get it? Just like all of the money we throw at education, billions upon billions, year after year, the result being test scores that consistently drop. One would think that some analytical thinking would lead them to believe that spending less money might have the opposite effect. Spend less, smarter students, less government stimulus, more American jobs. The conservative position is that for every dollar the government sucks out of the economy to ‘target’ winners, infrastructure construction jobs, teachers, police and firemen salaries, benefits and pensions is a dollar that is unavailable for the private sector to create American jobs.
So what does our fearless leader do? He goes from city to city, hectoring his mesmerized followers to buy his phony patent medicine for the economy. Just like the snake oil salesman of the 19th century. He rolls up his sleeves and gets all country like, slurring his diction, adding a touch of the preacher’s southern accent, speaking in the patois of the uneducated country folk he is educating,  just like the snake oil salesman he is . The bigger the lies, the more hollow his argument, the less substantive and supportable his claims, the more he lectures on. When, oh when, will his stultifying speechifying end??? Just shut up, go on extended vacations and play golf and enjoy the rest of your disastrous term as President, Go away already! We see you too much and more importantly you have way too much to say for someone with absolutely no experience in running a business let alone the most powerful country in the world. The sooner you are gone the better our chances are of remaining the most economically powerful country in the world!
If only he could learn one simple lesson, less lecturing is good, less spending is better.



If words were bricks he’d have built a highway to the stars. What gall to ask for and to appear before a Joint Session of Congress to give a campaign speech that he hopes will simultaneously save his Presidency, and ensure his re-election  by shifting the blame for three years of his inaction, inattention and incompetence to the” recalcitrant’ ‘do nothing’ Republicans, even though he had both houses of Congress in his control for his first two years. If jobs are and we must presume always are so important why did he do NOTHING in those two years? No, rather than lead he simply delegated all of his responsibilities to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, SEIU, Richard Trumka, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. and the collection of fifth columnists with which he has populated the entire bureaucracy of his administration to ramming through Obamacare. With this speech he thinks he will take the moral high ground as a man of the people when in fact he is the source of all of the people’s problems. This will not work, we’re onto him. He just keeps reaching into his bag of discredited Keynesian tricks giving them new names thinking we’re too stupid to see through his games. This won’t be a ‘stimulus’ bill, it will no doubt be called a ‘job bill’. Like his phony hope and change mantra, keep the ‘job’ we can’t afford the ‘bill’.

I suspect his speech, which I refuse to hear, because I’ve heard it all before will no doubt include ‘rebuilding our damaged and failing infrastructure’. More ‘shovel ready’ jobs no doubt. As if you can nowadays push aside a mountain of regulations, whip out the plans to build a bridge, or a superhighway or a high speed rail to traverse America in three hours without having to worry about eminent domain or Heaven forbid, the snail darter. The only way building bridges will create permanent jobs, President Doofus, is if you start a company to build bridges and then find a market to which you can sell them, one after another after another. If there is no such market for his bridge ‘product’ which he could sell at a “profit’, then all he’s doing is taking MONEY OUT OF THE ECONOMY, running it through the bridge building bureaucracy, and taking the remainder and putting it back 3 years later after the plans are approved, the bridge steel and shovels are ordered and delivered and putting the MONEY BACK INTO THE ECONOMY, or at least what little is left of it. If this is not done, he’s simply taking money out of one pocket, temporarily creating construction jobs thereby putting the remainder in another pocket. No new wealth is created. Old wealth is just shuffled around.

What can you expect from a man who never had a real job, never risked his own capital to start a business, never hired and paid an employee with the earnings from that business? No, all his life, he’s been a ward of the state, going from one sinecure to another, protected by a cocoon made up of people who saw in him the vessel which would take them to the promised land of a socialized America. With the complicity of the admittedly left wing media his background and lack of experience went totally unexamined and unexplored. That same media that now no doubt is digging through the backgrounds of every possible Republican hopeful thought that he was above reproach. He became the ultimate example of the Peter Principle, a person who keeps getting promoted until he reaches the ultimate level of his own incompetence. Well he’s done it, he is, no doubt the most incompetent President we’ve ever had. Someone should take out the and revisit the old bumper stickers the lefties were so proud of during Bush’s tenure with one small change, namely, “A village somewhere in Kenya must be missing it’s idiot”.

In his wake he will leave a mountain of unsustainable debt, a much weakened America, weakened morally, weakened in spirit, weakened financially, and weakened militarily.
Easy pickings for America’s enemies.



Obama now can blame the earthquake on the East Coast as another excuse for his failure to allow capitalism to produce jobs.

Here’s a list I’ve complied:

1. The internet
2. Technology
3. Automation
4. ATM’s
5. Japan’s tsunami
6. Arab Spring
7. Gasoline prices
8. Uncertainty
9. The ‘situation’ in Europe
10. Debt challenges
11. AND NOW THE EARTHQUAKE of August 23, 2011

S&P = Sanity & Prudence


Yes! Sanity & Prudence. Two words never heard in Washington, DC. Too bad S&P did not use sanity & prudence when they were giving junk bonds Triple A ratings. But it’s never too late to learn your lesson.
As I wrote last week, the profligacy of this administration and this Congress, the President before this one and the Congresses before this one have brought us to the brink of bankruptcy. High flown rhetoric and Super-Committees cutting debt ten years hence can fool the people but they can’t fool the money lenders in the temple of finance.
Like every addict can only stand up and face reality when they can go no lower, this government, the last in a string of addictive spenders has now been given its last ‘fix’. As in real life, those addicts that don’t change, don’t stop, nature cruelly allows to die of an overdose. In this case, S&P is the intervention family leader. They are telling this addicted government that if you continue this we will punish you. You will pay higher interest for your debt because the market demands to be paid for higher risks. Economics 101.
Yet does Obama get the message? Does he sense the anger rolling across the nation as we see our hard earned savings and investments disappear as a result of the stock market’s loss of confidence? Does he care? Or does his Marxist philosophy trump the will of the people?Does he not understand that simply printing fiat currency lessens the value of every other dollar in circulation? Does he think he can inflate the currency to pay off the debt with cheaper money and no one will take notice? Yet he continues prattling on, reading speeches from a teleprompter pushing for more taxes., blaming everyone and every thing around him but himself. Typical addict behavior. Will it never end? Will he never stop and realize his socialist plan for America will not work here. It’s never worked anywhere. If it were to fail, it certainly would fail in America because, thank God, we are not Europe.
Americans are for the most part not soft brained liberals. Although the media is doing its damndest to make us pliant, non –critical thinking robots by constantly repeating demagogic politician’s class warfare statements. Since when is standing for sound financial principles a terrorist act? Since when is cutting off a an addict’s supply of his favorite drug, in this case, more debt, holding a gun to the head of the President. and holding the nation “hostage”. The left thrives on rhetoric and a bumper sticker slogan mentalty. I dare say if Obama could take all the wealth accumulated by the so called $250,000 and above “millionaires”, he’d blow through it in a month!
What would then be his next “plan” for America? Collectivist farms powered by solar panels and wind farms made by Jeffrey Immelt’s GE?


I was wondering what visual would best express that COMPROMISE isn’t always a good thing. And then it came to me! Two men on opposite cliffs each trying to convince the other that they should meet in the middle, call it compromise, call it bi-partisanship, it is not always the right thing to do regardless of the feelings of collegiality it may engender. Then I found the cartoon shown below. BINGO!
It so well expresses the current blizzard of rhetoric and dithering over raising the debt ceiling. After a disgraceful two years without the Congress putting forth a budget and burying our country in a mountain of unsustainable debt, now at the last few days of what was a predictable deadline, we find our elected representatives seeking compromise. Except that only one party is putting forth plans while the other party submits no plans but only criticizes the other party’s plans. The Democrats are obviously trying to play a game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey, except in this case it’s pin the tail on the elephant. “What, financial disaster, you’re it, your party caused it by YOUR intransigence!”
What will compromise bring? Another temporary ceiling only to be raised again in 3 or 6 months? Increased taxes which will only stifle job creation? Spending cuts promised to occur 10-20 years in the future with absolutely no structural guarantees that they will ever happen? Downgrading America’s credit rating on August 3rd? The rating agencies that allowed a mountain of delinquent mortgage debt which can never be repaid gives the USA a triple A rating?? We must remember they are the same agencies that gave top AAA ratings to bundled junk bonds called derivatives that almost took down our economic system. What other Treasuries will the Chinese buy? Greece’s? Portugal’s? Spain’s? Italy’s? Will the interest rate we will have to pay go up, sure, the market demands it. But that would be the market’s loud signal to lower our debt and to restore financial sanity to an insane process that creates money out of thin air and hopes that the piper will never demand payment.
The only solution is CUT, CAP and BALANCE. Any other ‘compromise” just postpones the inevitable, NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY. So our choice really is to cut entitlements, re-engineer the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid systems towards financial solvency by including means testing, private pensions and a return to private insurance. Failing to do THAT grand bargain now will only guarantee the bankruptcy of those three entitlement programs and eventually take down the American system of capitalism. So our choice is to take less, wait longer or have nothing when those three systems take down America. The wolves are at the door waiting for America to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. The enemies of America and of what America represents, foreign and domestic, are hoping we find compromise because in that they see the future fall of America. Bold action is standing firm on the principle of lower debt, lower spending, re-engineering our entitlement programs and a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced budget. The time to act boldly is now.

Meet me half way...

IMF to Control American Economy


IMF Control (click here)

Obama continues to relegate the United States to second class citizenship in the world of nations.  The time for this president to leave office cannot come soon enough.

Wisconsin – The Eyes of America are Upon You.


The Unions are Coming!  The Unions are Coming!  Where were you Paul Revere in 1958 when this whole mess started.

What we are witnessing in Wisconsin is both enlightening and a harbinger of what may follow throughout the country.

The idea of Public Service Unions is so far to the left that even Franklin Roosevelt believed they should not exist.  How did they come to be? (more…)

The Wisconsin Conundrum Explained


No one to my knowledge has explained to the general public of the LEFTIST persuasion the difference between Collective Bargaining in the private sector and public sector. Here goes, lefties, please read carefully, I’m going to type this as slowly as I can:
In the private sector, a union sits down with a privately held or corporate entity and somewhere in the middle they find a balance between fair wages and benefits for the employees measured against the company’s ability to pay the negotiated increase and still stay competitive with their competition and therefore stay in business. So as a result there is a weight on the scale that enlightened union negotiators realize is an unavoidable economic law, namely, we can ask for and get the moon but, (forgive the mixed metaphor) we will kill the goose that lays our golden eggs.

In Government vs. public employee unions, there is no such weight that brings moderation. Governments don’t have to make a profit to stay in business and if they make nice with the unions, in fact the opposite happens; it is in the form of a hidden bribe. The unspoken bribe goes like this, “Give us what we want, who cares, just raise taxes now or just pass the debt up to the next generation and we’ll send you money back in the form of political contributions so you can stay in office and when we meet again around the negotiating table next year, we can do this again, and again. Hell you probably will be a lobbyist when the bill finally comes due anyway.” As a result, in the past 20 years we’ve gone from the mentality that went like this, take a government job, it’ll pay less but the benefits will be better -to- take a government job, the pay will be better than taking the risk of a private sector job where you must continue to prove your worth and stay productive- and -the benefits for doing less work, not having to worry about being fired is that you’ll have medical and pensions benefits way superior to the private sector employee and the bennies will be free, till you die, no contribution from you is needed.

Nice work if you can get it.

Crisis In Egypt

Crisis in Egypt

Crisis in Egypt

What is going on in Egypt will go on throughout the world until we recognize and address the underlying cause of the discontent.

The death of Nasser and the assassination of Sadat not withstanding, it would not be too inaccurate to say that Egypt has been a stable government for the past 50 years. There are no torture rooms that we know of where private citizens are pulled off the street and tortured. Torture we may presume is reserved for serious threats to the regime. Mubarak has not been an evil dictator when compared to the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini or even Fidel. He has simply done what any politician does anywhere in the world. He has tried to obtain, maintain and retain power.

But why now? Why has the discontent boiled over? What triggered it?


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